William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare is the popular writer and performe from England.he was born on 1964 at Stratford-on-avon,England.seem,he get education from elementer school but not till graduate from university.shakespeare was married at age 13th,and have 3 child before reach 20th .
Next year later,he go to London,end become performer and writer of drama.and when his age was reach 30th he was show the success.and whens his age is 40th he has becomed popular writer of drama.ten years later ,he has produce big creation in writing like Julius Caesar,Hamlet,Othello,Macbeth,king lear and Romeo and Juliet.
Shakespeare wwas brilliance in writing,it’s caused based on his self and his ability in writing each of his creation.in his era he was used much of sentence in average of 29.066 word on all of his creation.for appeal ,when the society of England used word in average 20.000 word.”the most thing in enjoy every creation of Shakespeare is how we can receive authority and charachterity of shakespeare”(Ludwig wittgentsen in culture and value). Not much not note on private life of Shakespeare.
But was blow the rumor that Shakespeare not truly write his creation. Christopher Marlowe, Ratu Elizabeth atau Edward De Vere (1550-1604) is people that identified by T.J. Looney pada tahun 1920 as the writer of every creation of shakepeare. A big group and known as “Oxpordian” was doubt and hardly to believe that a man like Shakespeare that from the community of usual citizen can produced a big creation and become big writer.and according on numerology ,Shakespeare write the bible version of king james at his age was 46.
Shakespeare’s father name is john Shakespeare and his mother is mary arden. And William Shakespeare is the first child from them.
william shakespeare was a big write because every of his creation can give big influence for every side in life of human.

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