Umar bin khattab is the second caliph after Abu bakar bin siddiq, and may be a bigger caliph among other caliph. He was lived same time with Muhammad SAW but he younger then Muhammad SAW, Umar bin khattab born in mekkah at 586.
At first, Umar bin khattab is most cruel and vicious enemy of islam, he opposed Muhammad SAW and islam religion. But at one event he enter islam the new religion at that time and become persevering supporter of islam until islam reached it’s glory time. Next Umar bin khattab become the nearest advisor of Muhammad SAW along the living of Muhammad SAW.
At 632 Muhamad SAW was dead, and without pointed who replaced Muhammad SAW in lead Islam society . And Umar pointed Abu bakar bin sidiq as replacement. This step was for prevented to raised other strength besides islam and enable abu bakar bin siddiq to recognized as first caliph and as a replacement of Muhammad SAW. Abu bakar became caliph just only 2 years but abu bakar pointed Umar bin Khattab to become 2nd caliph. And umar bin khattab become caliph from 634 until 644 and he killed at madinah by a servant from Persia.
On his leadership during ten years. Not long time after Umar taked hold the authority , people of arab can dominated suriah and Palestine, which at that time became part of Byzantium. At yarmuk war (636), the troop of islam can repulsed the troop of Byzantium. Damaskus fallen too at that time, and Darussalam surrender 2 year next. Going to 641 years, the troop of islam can dominated all areas of Palestine and suriah and an areas which present name is Turki. At 639, the troop of islam attacked mesir which at that’s time was under domination of Byzantium. the aggressor of mesir can finished at 3 years by perfectly. Going to 641 all areas of irak can be dominated. And besides it, the troop of islam can directly attacked Persia in the battle of Nehavend (642). Approached his death, big part of west iran was dominated fully by islam. This movement didn’t stop until umar was died. At east they could dominated Persia and at west section they pushed enemy troops.
other important thing as a subjection which did by umar, is a permanent and stability of umar bin khattab leadership.
The success of umar was truly given an impression. After Muhammad SAW he was prime personage in invasion of islam. Without fast invansion, was doubt that islam can spread broadly and quickly and other glory thing that did by islam under of umar umar government. Of course, Muhammad SAW was an important moving spirit.
Umar bin khattab is the big caliph, he was making islam (and of course by influence of Muhammad SAW with his devine revelation of islam) spread at this earth by it’s doctrine which can make all human aware and worship to ALLAH SWT.

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